9th Ohio Infantry

 9th Ohio Infantry Bibliography

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German Americans in the Civil War Bibliography

Following is a list of books by or about Germans fighting in the American Civil War. If you know of any others, please let the webmaster know. Contact Joe Reinhart at jrein8@yahoo.com

Books of Civil War Letters and Diaries Written by Germans

Bender, Robert Patrick , ed., Like Grass before the Scythe: The Life and Death of Sgt. William Remmel, 121st New York Infantry (Tuscaloosa: Univ. of Alabama Press, 2007).

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Goyne, Minetta Altgelt, trans. and ed., Lone Star and Double Eagle: Civil War Letters of a German-Texas Family (N. p.: Texas Christian Univ. Press, 1982).

Haas, Jacob, "This Day We Marched Again" : A Union Soldier's Account of War in Arkansas and the Trans-Mississippi, The Civil War Diary of Jacob Haas; edited by Mark K. Christ (Little Rock, Arkansas : Butler Center Books, 2014).

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Hinrichs, Oscar, and Richard Brady Williams.  Stonewall's Prussian Mapmaker: The Journals of Captain Oscar Hinrichs.
(Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, 2014)

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Reiss, Stephen W.  It Takes a Matriarch: 780 Family Letters from 1852 to 1888 including Civil War, Farming in Illinois, Life in St. Louis, Life in Sacramento, Life in the Theater, Wagon Making in Davenport, and the Lost Family Fortune. (Bloomington, IN: Author House, 2009).

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See also Earl J. Hess, ed., A German in the Yankee Fatherland: The Civil War Letters of Henry A. Kircher (Kent, Ohio: Kent State Univ. Press, 1983) for an outstanding collection of letters authored by a soldier born in Illinois of German immigrant parents.


 Regimental Histories

Allendorf, Donald, Long Road to Liberty: The Odyssey of a Germans Regiment in the Yankee Army, the 15th Missouri Volunteer Infantry (Kent, Ohio: Kent State Univ. Press, 2006)

Boethel, Paul C., The Big Guns of Fayette (Creuzbaur's Battery or Welhausen's Battery, C. S. A.) (n. p.: no publisher, 1965)

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Reinhart, Joseph R., A History of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

U. S., The Boy's Who Feared No Noise, (Beargrass Press: Louisville, Ky., 2000) Four companies of the 6th Kentucky comprised Germans.

Smith, Jacob. 1910; reprint, Camps and Campaigns of the 107th Regiment Ohio

Volunteer Infantry (Navarre, Ohio: Indian River Graphics, 2000)Authored by an

Anglo-American in the regiment, little included about the Germanness of the


Wagner, W., History of the 24th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Old Hecker Regiment). (Chicago: publisher not identified, 1911)

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Finnup, Frederick, The Story of My Life, (Garden City, Kansas:Finnup Foundation Trust, 1996) [9th Ohio Infantry]

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(Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press, 1998).

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Other Books

Allendorf, D. (2014). Your Friend, as ever, A. Lincoln: How the Unlikely Friendship of Gustav Koerner and Abraham Lincoln changed America.
(Gretna: Pelican Publishing Company, 2014).

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Tafel, Gustav, and Don Heinrich Tolzmann.  The Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War  (Milford, Ohio: Little Miami Pub. Co., 2010).

(Kaufmann, Lonn, and Burton, must be used with caution because they are outdated, filiopietistic, tend to use ethnic stereotypes, or rely mainly on other secondary sources. As pointed out by Keller and Valuska: “Both Lonn and Burton fail to treat Civil War-era Germans as that disunified, multifaceted conglomeration of people they were; they tend to view Germans largely as a bloc and play down the differences among them. This approach is  . . . inaccurate.” Lonn and Burton also maintained that the Civil War served to Americanize its German participants without providing supporting evidence. Burton also incorrectly concluded that there was little difference between the Germans in blue and their Anglo-American comrades and that German regiments lost their ethnic character as the war progressed. Despite their faults these studies do contain much useful information.)

Selected Articles

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Dissertations and Theses

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